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YelaWolf/ Behind the Scenes of “Mixing Up The Medicine”

Juelz Santana Feat. YelaWolf “Mixing Up The Medicine” VIDEO (BEHIND THE SCENES) from DJ DIRRTY on Vimeo.

Ferris Bueller x Rick Ross

Rick Ross speaks on his new clothing brand “32oz”

Friday the 13th: A Night w/ Mos Def & The Cool Kids

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Maestro Knows - 9th Wonder

J. Cole – Simba (Video)

I know, I know. I seem to be on that Cackalack issh right now, but fuck it! I SALUTE anybody doing their thing ESPECIALLY if they’re from the South!


"Its 6 O’clock, Time For Greg Street To Rock" Triple OG Greg Street is doing it all from radio, mixtapes, Lps, tees, stops and now a new web series. So if U’re in the ATL tonight, U should be at the TSG 3yr Anni. at the Niketown in the Lenex mall partying w/ the man himself. Check out the first episode after the jump.

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Pac Div – Young Black Male (Boyz N The Hood Verson) (Video)

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Air Jordan 2010 ‘Nightmares Never Sleep’ Commercial

Damn, the commercial looks better than the shoes. Tinker what happened?

This is the new Eryka Badu song called Window Seat. I personally think that it is time for her to come back out. The song its self is dope in my opinion. Tell us what you think via Tweeter or Facebook.

DJ Muggs x UNDFTD Commercial

Fli TV Season 2: The Pelicans

That Peli Posse out of the A is at it yet again. City to city state to state. SALUTE!


Holographic Drumkit and Turntables

Neurosonics Live from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.


Bobby Creekwater-Exhibit B.C.

Top 5 dead or alive. I’mma just put that out there; see if ya’ll really fucking with me. Back to Briefcase 2 – The B Side… classic minus the DJ. Not sure why artists(the talented AND skilled ones) find the need to drag a DJ on a solid album. They’ve already seemingly done so much without the need of a record company; what’s the point? Its like a really fine girl bringing her busted, lonely, loud-ass friend to the movies when ya’ll were supposed to be on a date. Don CannonBig Mike, L.A. Leakers, DJ Babu and the homie Wally Sparks seems to be some of the few DJs these days that don’t DJ Clue over do it. Note to aspiring mixtape DJs: work on your mix and NOT your mic time, homie.

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