Knowing is not enough; we must apply!

If you know anything about basketball and college ball in particular; then you should be familiar with the moniker Coach K. Michael William Krzyzewski or Coach K has been sending talented and ambitious young men on their way with a heavy education in basketball for over 3 decades. Well, let me introduce you to someone who has been sending folks on their way with a H1GHER LEARNING in fashion. The homie KJ or Professor K(I’m probably the only one that calls his this) has been working hard at putting some wise words in the minds of streetwear students with a Southern flavor for well over 3 months. He’s already got tenure over here  and should be bookmarked on all your online devices. With thorough, educated, and funny commentary on everything. From the latest releases at WishAtl or &Still to topics concerning how college teams seem to be whoring themselves for corporate dollars(FEDEX/JORDAN I’m looking at you); PK handles it all. So go check him out. His class is well worth the extra credits. SALUTE KJ and the whole SOUTH CACKA LACK. CHARLESTON stand up!!!!     

If you haven’t noticed, I seem to be on my type geek sh!t. I found this on Kelly Paper’s blog.